Hello, it’s time to get Knee Deep in Creativity!


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Hello! I’m Rochelle. Welcome to my blog where I will share two of my favourite subjects, creativity and business. A few facts about me: I am from London but for the past 11 months I have lived and worked in New York City! The Big Apple. I have a legal and business background and currently work in the fashion industry.

I have always known that I have a creative side and have explored it in many different ways. I am constantly looking for ideas that inspire me, innovative concepts to open my mind and to learn about people who are running their own creative businesses. I could often be found with my head in a book about business on the tube (and now I can be found doing the same on the subway).


I am drawn to creative people such as interior designers, artists, photographers, graphic designers and the list goes on. One common topic that would often arise in our conversations was how do you turn your creative ideas into businesses? As much as you may enjoy being a creative person, the idea of the starving artist is not as attractive as it once was. Of course, you can use your creative skills and add value to an already established business. However, for those that want to work for themselves in some way, this question can be frustrating.


This is exactly why I started Knee Deep in Creativity. I wanted to create a space where creativity and business can meet and flourish. People can learn how to turn their creative ideas into businesses or to work as a freelancer and maintain and grow those endeavours.

This will be a place where you can learn from others that have walked a similar path to you, from around the world and gain insight from their experiences. You can network with others in your industry, keep up to date with industry developments and be inspired by the journeys of your peers.

I hope that you enjoy my blog. I would love to hear more about your creativity and your creative businesses, so please get in touch through my contact page.

Keep an open mind and stay creative!




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