What is a creative business?

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When I decided that I wanted to start a blog that spoke to people with creative business aspirations, I had to try and narrow down exactly how I would define a creative business and the types of information that I would focus on.

The UK Government Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport categorises the creative industries as:

  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Architecture
  • Crafts
  • Design and Designer Fashion
  • Film, Video, TV, Radio and Photography
  • IT, Software and Computer Services
  • Publishing
  • Museums, Galleries and Libraries
  • Music and Performing and Visual Arts

This list provided me with a wide range of creative disciplines that I could focus on. I felt however that this might be limiting as I could think of other business services and products that could also be thought of as creative but were not included in the definition.


So I looked at the trusted Oxford Dictionary for the definition of Creativity and I found that creativity is “The use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness”.  This is what I was looking for! This definition is wider and more inclusive of interesting and new ideas that cannot easily fit into a specific discipline and this will shape the kinds of topics that I will be discussing on this blog. Being a creative person means that you might think differently and see the world through an original lens , leading to amazing and significant ideas and businesses.

If you have a new idea or are improving an existing idea that uses your imagination to creative something and be inventive,then stick around because this is the place for you!

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